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SORAC 2002: “Internalist vs. Externalist Interpretations of African History and Culture”

SORAC calls for papers in all fields of African and related studies (history, anthropology, literature, language, culture, sociology, politics, gender, black studies, religion, etc. Cross-cultural and comparative approaches are also welcome) that would critically look at the history of Africa and its diaspora with a view to shedding light on either one of these positions. All periods of African and diasporic histories and their interactions with the outside world (ancient, precolonial, colonial, post-independence, etc.) may be explored. It will also be good for speakers to offer possible solutions to the various issues raised.

SORAC 2002: Conference Program & Details

SORAC 2002: Conference Program & Details

SORAC 2002 International conference program and details. The conference features papers in diverse interdisciplinary fields — such as political science, philosophy and religion, literature, anthropology, etc.

SORAC 2002: Directions & Accommodations

Relatively inexpensive hotel accommodations is available close to campus. You may call or fax the following hotels to secure reservations. Call early to be sure to get some space.