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SORAC Membership Application Information

Membership to the Society of Research on African Cultures (SORAC) is subject to a two-year membership fee (institutional membership fee is based on a yearly schedule). SORAC’s activities will heavily rely, in the years to come, on membership and membership dues. Funds derived from membership is intended to serve as the primary support for our various endeavors in the areas of African Studies and Research on African cultures.

Membership is open to both individuals and institutions.

The two-year memberships are based on the full calendar year, that is, from January 1 of the first year to December 31 of the second year. The fee schedule will work as follows:

Candidates applying mid-year (January 1- July 31) must  pay the the regular full two-year membership fee. This will count for the current year as well as the following year. For instance, a person who becomes a member in June 2010 pays the full two-year membership fee for the full two-year period running from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2011.

Applicants applying in the second half of the year (August 1 -December 31) must pay a pro rata fee corresponding to 50% of the fee for the first year corresponding to the months of August through December, PLUS the fee for the following full year. For instance, an individual who becomes a member in October 2010 will pay $75 ($25 for the months of August-December 2010, PLUS $50 for the following full year of 2011).

The membership fee schedule for 2010 is as follows:

  • Academic Membership (for Faculty and Academic Professionals): US $100/Two Years. View benefits.
  • General Public Membership (Professionals/individuals non-affiliated with academia): US $60/Two Years. View benefits.
  • Institutional Membership (Academic and Non Academic): US $200/ Year. View benefits.
  • Student Membership (with Valid and Current ID): US $50/Two Years. View benefits.
  • Special Membership (for Members Residing in Africa; Proof Required): US $40/Two Years. View benefits.
  • Donor Membership (For individuals or institutions who support SORAC): Any amount from $10. View benefits.
  • MSU Membership (For faculty and Staff of Montclair State University): Free . (Note: MSU faculty and staff may become members of SORAC for free. However, they need to apply for effective membership. They may also contribute voluntary monetary donations to SORAC to help support our activities).

SPECIAL SORAC 2010 International Conference Membership Rates
Two-Year Membership Rates (Membership Fee discount applied to SORAC 2010 presenters and participants)

Membership type

discounted fee (SORAC 2010)


 Academic Membership (Faculty and Academic Professionals)

$ 40/Two Years


 General Public Membership (Non-affiliated with Academia)

$ 40/Two Years


 Student Membership (with Valid and Current ID)

$ 30/Two Years       MA      PhD   


 Special Membership (Members Residing in Africa; Proof Required)

$ 30/Two Years


 Donor Membership (Individuals/Institutions who support SORAC).

$ 10 and up


 MSU Membership (For MSU Faculty and Staff

Free or voluntary.


 Institutional Membership (Academic and Non Academic)



 Benefits for Individual Membership (Faculty, Students, Academics, Professionals, etc.):Becoming a member of SORAC entitles one to:
  • Voting rights in the various administrative components of SORAC when they become formalized (Executive Board, Board of Directors, etc.).
  • Membership in the various committees and subcommittees of SORAC.
  • Free subscription to the SORAC Journal of African Studies.
  • Free volumes of the SORAC JAS: Members of SORAC get all the volumes of the SORAC Journal of African Studies (SORAC JAS) published during the two-year period covered by their membership. Also, when SORAC JAS becomes ported to the Web, members will get unlimited online access to all past SORAC JAS volumes.
  • Discounts: Substantial discounts on the SORAC international conference registration fees (up to 15%, but cannot be combined with other discounts or offers, unless specifically indicated).
  • Free Ads for member publications: Members of SORAC may advertise their books through the SORAC Web site and mailing list, as we all at book exhibit tables during SORAC’s International Conferences (A few restrictions do apply).
  • Access to privileged news and information on matters relating to Africa, including membership and participation in our discussion list.
  • Access to database of current and upcoming events in the area of African Studies worldwide (conferences, etc.)
  • Ability to advertise their own upcoming conferences on SORAC’s Web site (A few restrictions apply).

Benefits for Institutional Membership (Academic and Non Academic Institutions and Organizations):

Becoming an Institutional Member of SORAC entitles such institutions to:

  • Receive free copies of the SORAC Journal of African Studies for their Libraries.
  • Substantial Registration Fee Discounts (up to 10%) at SORAC International Conferences for their students, faculty and academic staff who are active members of SORAC (cannot be combined with other discounts or offers, unless specifically indicated).
  • Substantial Membership Fee Discounts (up to 15%) for Individual Members of SORAC who are from Member Institutions.
  • Possibility of Cumulated/Combined Discounts for individuals from member institutions when applicable.
  • Discounted Subscription Fees for the SORAC Journal of African Studies for their faculty and students who are not Individual Members of SORAC.

About the Donor Membership

Donor Membership is reserved for individuals or institutions who, whether regular members of SORAC or not, support SORAC with monetary donations of any amount from $10. Donations do not entitle the Donor Member to any special treatment nor favors. Donor members may be both regular members (academic, professional, institutional) and Donor Members at the same time. SORAC may from time to time honor its donors with special award ceremonies.

To become a member, please download our Membership Application Form (MS Word version). You can also use the online application form below. Note that in either case, you need to send us your payment as per our payment instructions.

You may also contact us if you have questions.

Send the filled out form and payment to:

Dr. Daniel Mengara
Executive Director, SORAC
Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
Montclair State University
Normal Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07043

Accepted Payment Methods:

Make checks (U.S. Only) payable to: SORAC/MSU
Payments from outside the United States may be sent via Western Union. Contact Us for details.

Online Membership Application Form
You may also use the interactive Membership Application Form (MS Word Version).

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Your membership will become effective only after we have received and confirmed your payment.

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