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SORAC JAS - Volume 1

Guest Editors

Daniel M. Mengara
John Conteh-Morgan
Leslie Wilson

ISBN 0-615-11448-2
ISSN 1542-1848

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Images, Visions & Revisions

Volume 1, April 2000

Guest Editors

Daniel M. Mengara
Montclair State University

Leslie Wilson
Montclair State University

John Conteh-Morgan
Ohio State University

  • Editors’ Note……………1

  • The Domestication of Savage Africa: W. Winwood Reade’s Excursion of ‘Enlightenment
    Paulette Hacker, The University of Miami…3

  • Images of Africa in Gide’s Voyage au Congo and Le Retour du Tchad
    Mulhen Hohl, Seton Hall University…13

  • Heart of Whiteness in Roussel’s Impressions d’Afrique
    Farid Laroussi, Yale University…22

  • Colonial Discourse and the Representation of the Native in Pepe le Moko, a film by Julien Duvivier
    Marco D. Brucher, State University of New York at Albany…32

  • The Sleep of the Just and Everything it Awakens: The Totalitarianism of the Colonial System in Algeria
    Pamela A. Pears, University of Pittsburgh…47

  • Rejection of the African Humanity: Search for Reappropriation
    Peter Kanyandago, Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda…57

  • Establishing a Discourse and Reading of Difference in the Texts of Ruth First, Emma Mashinini, and Albert Memmi
    Karen Kuehnle, Truman State University…73

  • Ayi Kwei Armah and Western Perception of Africa
    Benaouda Lebdai, University of Angers, France…89

  • The Significance of the “Bride Price” as a Sociocultural Institution in Some African Countries, with Special References to Botswana
    Rosalie Kiah, Norfolk State University…100

  • Africa from the American Lens: A Comparative View of the Films Sheena And Coming To America
    Victor S. Dugga, University Of Jos, Nigeria…107

  • Perceptions and Misperceptions: Mutual Stereotyping between Africans and African Americans
    Funwi F. Ayuninjam, Kentucky State University…116

  • The Post-Colonial Context and a Rhetorical (Re)Vision of African-American English
    Jocelyn Adkins Irby, Tennessee State University…141

  • Toni Morrison ‘s Beloved: Unveiling Unspoken Realities
    Diana Tyrrasch Ok…154

  • In Honor of our Students…162


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